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1995 Dodge Stratus Review, David, From Richmond, Va

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Dodge Avenger ES

 Model of the car:Dodge Avenger ES
 General comments:I dont know if Dodge has gotten the bugs on this car worked out or not since the debut in 1995, but Id be hesitant to buy one used without a warranty. I also failed to mention that while it handles well, the Dodge Avenger ES has way too much road noise and the ride is harsh to say the least. I do not recommend this vehicle to anyone who cares of resale value either.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:If your considering buying a used version of this car and do so dont say I didn't warn you. My number one complaint has been the customer service by Dodge. Two years into my payments, the front right control arm started giving me problems. When I took it to dodge they told me that the parts of the control arm that needed to be replaced werent covered by the warranty (they should have been). A few months later that same control arm broke as I turned a corner and badly damaged the car. A year later when Dodge issued the recall, they refused to pay for the body damage done to the car that resulted from the control arm defect. They did repay the 500 dollars that it took to fix the controll arm itself. I replaced the bearings in both front wheels before 70000 miles; these bearing are supposed to be good for the life of the car but numerous repair shops advised me of other owners having same problems. The car says "Dodge" but its made from lots of Mitsh. parts and replacing them is NOT cheap. Open the trunk and water poors in. Leather seat tore on drivers side last year. The passenger side air bag cover has started to peel off the dash. Coolent system in car gave me lots of trouble till my uncle fixed it right- the Dealer could not. Maintenance costs are high and gas mileage is poor in the v6 automatic.
 Previous car:Your much better off with a Civic Si or even a Hyundai Tiburon for the money.

Review 1995 Dodge Stratus David, From Richmond, Va
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