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1995 Dodge Stratus Review, Eric Laplante

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Dodge Stratus ES

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus ES
 General comments:I don't know what some of these other people did to their Stratus', but mine is at over 200,000 miles and still running strong. It's tight, solid, awesome sound system, and one hell of a looker compared to other cars even of current day. (take the new Chevy Malibu for example... barf)
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Unfortunetly, the wheel bearings were replaced. Front drivers side one broke at highway speed and ripped the tire right off. And the AC problems are true. Mine broke... the solution however is simple. Do not replace the compressor with a Mopar part. Get one from Auto Zone or something. My replacement compressor from Auto Zone has lasted quite some time now. Also, the steering rack makes goofy noises when you hit a bump, but nothing's broken... just groans sometimes.
 Previous car:1976 Dodge Power Wagon (my toy) 1997 Plymouth Breeze (my aunts car... got well over 280,000 on that before it got rear ended. Was able to drive the damn thing up on the wrecker after the accident if that tells you anything) 2000 Dodge Stratus SE (mom's ca

Review 1995 Dodge Stratus Eric Laplante
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