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1995 Dodge Stratus Review, T_J_h90000, From Edgerton Ohio

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:I just wanted to say to all the people that hate this car they need to get a life, i am 16 years old and yes the head gasket was blown but if they would look at dodge's web site they would see that there is a recall because the head gaskets are faulty on the 2.4L engines, the car runs great!! Some people may say it is too cheap and breaks a lot, well you know what i say, dodge isn't sheap, a ford in the same price range and size won't last as long as my dodge will. people just need to look at the facts before opening thei mouth. There areproblem but they are fixed, it isn't dodge's fault it is the company that made the head gasket!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Nothing besides the fact that it is the base model stratus and i didn't have any say in the options it has ;-) LOL
 Previous car:Eagle Vision, Dodge intrepid, Dodge ram2500, cadillac escalade2002, 93 chevy pick up, chrysler town and country LHS

Review 1995 Dodge Stratus T_J_h90000, From Edgerton Ohio
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