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1996 Dodge Stratus Review, M1a2abrams13, From Manchester,

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:This car is a big fat stinky piece of crap!!! It has blown two head gaskets, which apparently is common with the 96 model. The "climate control" system directs the air flow out of random vents, regardless of what it is set on. When you turn the steering wheel, it sounds like a constipated gorilla trying to force out last night's dinner. It leaks oil like a seive and the stereo sucks. The interior stains easily and the paint chips even easier. The damn "check engine" light comes on almost as often as the interior dome light. It gives the code for "multiple cylinder misfire", which could be about a million different things. It may as well say, "somethin' come a loose" instead! This is the first and last dodge I will ever buy. Next time I buy Japanese!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:It makes me feel stupid for buying a dodge!
 Previous car:Nothing compares to this

Review 1996 Dodge Stratus M1a2abrams13, From Manchester,
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