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1996 Dodge Stratus Review, Josh Pehrson, From Lehi, UT, U

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:If you love paying constantly for mechanical repairs, if you love it when cars nickle and dime you to death, if you want a car that looses close to six thousand dollars off the lot, if you're looking for a car where the amount you owe will never catch up with the amount of the car, if you want a car where the make of the company promises new innovations and still have the same bad car they made ten or fifteen years ago, if you want a useless built in infant car seat in the back seat, useless because it won't pass any of the carseat standards, if you want a car that has a weird sounding motor while in neutral, that Dodge says is normal for the car, if you're wanting to buy a bubble looking car, then the Dodge Stratus is the car for you. I have really done my homework with the Dodge Stratus, internet, talking to mechanics, friends that own the same car, I even have a really good friend that's a dealer, and nobody, I mean nobody, has been satisfied with the Stratus. If you have any sense at all, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy a Dodge Stratus. Oh yea, and never buy from Ken Garf in SLC, they'll lie their face off to you.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Through the course of three years and a total of 130,000 miles on the car, I paid more than $4,000 in repairs and had more than $4,000 in repairs that the car needed when I sold it. I got $1,200 for the car when I sold it. The depriciation value of a Stratus drops faster than than the stock market after 9-11. Let's list the repairs I had:

1. Fuel pump (44,000 miles)
2. Transmission (82,000 miles) (Oh yea, that's a big one. Mechanics have told me to count my blessings for every mile over 70,000 I get out of a stratus.)
3. Radiator (101,000 miles) (notice, these are not counting all of the little repairs like brake pads and rotars)
4. Hoses, connector wires, cables, and almost the timing belt, thank goodness we caught that one in time. (108,000 miles)
5. Trunk latch, radio, a.c., and automatic windows. (all went out around 115,000 miles)
6. Exhaust manifold (120,000)

These are just the major repairs that I paid for. Not mentioning the minor repairs and the repairs ($4,000) that it needed when I sold it. To sum it up, the entire car is a weakness. NEVER buy a stratus.
 Previous car:Loved my Camry, love both of the Nissans I have owned, I will stay with Japanese cars.

Review 1996 Dodge Stratus Josh Pehrson, From Lehi, UT, U
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