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1997 Dodge Stratus Review, Reroper

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:I hate this car, I will never own one again. The car has been nothing but trouble since hitting 60000 miles. I had a car in high school that had over a 100000 miles on it and it ran better than this piece of crap. First I was told that my head gasket was leaking...only after having it for less than a year (I didn't fix it because it cost to much money). Next the check engine light was coming on so took it to the dealership. They ran a diagnostic and found that the overflow value was clogged. Then my car started to die (unexpectedly while on the highway). This time it was the spark plugs (so they were replaced). After this my car still kept dying and wouldn't go for more than a mile before dying again (also occured on the highway). This time it was the fuel filter, so I had it replaced. Still NO has started making a knocking noise and started to die again...this time it was the transmission. Two days after having the transmission re-done it died again. It is in the shop and they do not know what the problem is. The car only has 67500 miles on it (most of which are highway miles). I refuse to invest any more money in this car!! I will NEVER own another Dodge.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:CAUTION: EVERYTHING is it's weakness, DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!

Review 1997 Dodge Stratus Reroper
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