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1997 Dodge Stratus Review, Tommy Courtemanche, From Germa

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:Granted, the styling of the Stratus is great, as is the roominess and practicality of the vehicle, but thats where the strengths end.The overall build quality is poor! There has been entirely too many repairs to justify. The odd rattle and noises seemed to start the day I accepted delivery of the car.Throw in the irresponsible, rude and expensive service and you have the makings of a real POS (Piece Of Sh*t). If Chrysler would improve their customer satisfaction, this review wouldn't be as scathing as it is. I'm sure that others who went through what I experienced would concur. Everytime I dropped my car into service, it'd disappear for a week and usually the problem couldn't be duplicated. It shouldn't take a week to do anything short of an engine or tranny.Resale value is VERY, VERY POOR!!!!! The resale value dropped approximately 48% the first 18 months, and fell to 10% of the total purchase price after four years and 95K. High miles, yes, but to receive less than $2,500 after four years (not to mention the above repairs) is disappointing.Overall, I would strongly recommend that you choose something else. Chrysler quality is nonexistent, their service department should be retitled to disservice department and warranty disputes will make you feel helpless. I can honestly say, after my experierence, I will never, ever buy another Chrysler product. If they offered to give me a new Chrysler, I'd say no because I'd end up paying twice the value of the car in repairs. I hope Chrysler learns a few things from DiamlerBenz, otherwise Diamler will feel just like I do, ripped off.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:It seems to me that the Chrysler philosiphy is to design beautiful cars and put in absolutely the cheapest, most unreliable parts and powertrain available.In almost 4 years and 96K miles I have experienced everything the car could dish out. At 7K the alternator tensioner failed and had to be replaced. At 21K the right rear window switch on the drivers cluster failed. I never got it replaced, too costly, the entire cluster had to be removed and replaced! Around 40K the engine threw a rod, which coincidentally punched two holes in the block, smashed the oil pump and continued through the oilpan (miracle bullet?). So after $4,800 the engine was replaced. Strangely, I had to fight Chrysler for months to get reimbursed. Eventually they agreed to pay 50% of parts only! As if the above wasn't bad enough, the engine went again around 50K and the transmission followed at 60K. Two more transmissions, an exhaust manifold, a catylatic converter, tie rods, 8 pair of rotors and a power steering rack later the car still has fantom rattles, various whines and other disconcerting problems. Odd how every morning when I get in the car I experience the multitude of problems, but the Chrysler service guys can't find any of at least a dozen problems that I consistently bring it in for.Needless to say, build quality, reliablility and customer service were forgotten by DiamlerChrysler, assuming that it was there at some point.
 Previous car:Lexus SC400: Picking it up today, I'll let you know how it goes.Acura 3.5 RL with Nav: The Dodge can't even compare in any category but price.Mazda MPV: Can't really compare family sedans with minivans. But the overall build quality is far better with the

Review 1997 Dodge Stratus Tommy Courtemanche, From Germa
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