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1997 Dodge Stratus Review, Dawn, From St. Paul, MN 55125

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 Model of the car:Stratus
 General comments:Roomy interior. Reason purchased Stratus over Honda (or similar) was based on large back seat (so kids didn't have to touch each other). Out of a rating of "5", I would give it a "1". This was the worst car I've ever had based on the quality. I've spent over $4700 fixing the transmission, head-casket, air pump "thing", etc, etc, etc.....
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The red color looks great, although a poor paint job, lots of chips. If the car works, it's great! But, that's IF it works. Quality is terrible.... 2 transmission jobs (1st one 6 months new, second at 45,000 miles), new breaks, new head casket, new air pump, repaired tire axle. I've spent more money on the care than it was worth..... It's now gone!! I'll never buy another Dodge product again!
 Previous car:Quality isn't near the Honda..... or even Ford!

Review 1997 Dodge Stratus Dawn, From St. Paul, MN 55125
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