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1997 Dodge Stratus Review, T

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 Model of the car:Stratus
 General comments:I really wanted for this to be a great car!!! It looked and rode so well...for a few months.
If anyone out there has a stratus that is running well, run to your nearest dealership and trade that puppy!!
That's what I wish I had done last week.
Sadly, my gorgeous stratus is now sitting, broke down at a Speedway Gas Station across town. Seems like some sort of electrical problem. Maybe a short?
No warranty and I can't afford a big bill.
If anyone has advice, please email me!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:After about 2 weeks, my check engine light came on. Shop had said it was just checked out, so I ignored. Finally went out (after about a month). Strange noises seemed to come from dash every once in a while, kind of like a repeated ding ding ding ding. A
 Previous car:85 toyota- great car, still see it running around town! I want it back! 91 blazer- traded because scare of tipover but at least it was easily worked on! Would take back over 97 stratus!

Review 1997 Dodge Stratus T
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