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1998 Dodge Stratus Review, Richard Zeller, From Rochester

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:Very Stylish. Classy look and very comfortable drive. Tons of trunk space and interior cabin space not bad for the size of the car (6'2" tall and I seem to have no trouble fitting). Drives like a dream and amazing pep for a 2.4L engine (Except for a few high end sports cars, overtakes most vehicles splendidly). Good handling
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Here we go: Front end paint had to be repaired within 3 months. Dealer fixed it under warranty. The local dealership here is not the same one we purchased from, and I'm beginning to find out why. If you live in MN, keep going to Brookdale, avoid Adamson's! Service is VERY slow and very overpriced. Replaced brakes at 52K miles (front disk), and they were always squeaky (though the new one's do not, I guess it pays to do your own work). The biggy - the friggin' head gasket went at 44K miles. LIke everyone else on the planet who owns a stratus. This is rediculous for such a new car. The dealer repaired it, and somehow I managed to talk them all the way down to $275 (from $850). I'm sure this will be a recurring problem thanks to the design. Now I see paint peeling from the front again, sigh. I now know why the entire country isn't driving one of these. Too bad, Chrylser really has the market cornered on styling and practicality. But their defects are holding them back. QUALITY. They need to implement some. Makes me wonder if that PT cruiser, however wll priced, is worth it...
 Previous car:'93 Daytona - much more reliable. Engine still running at 145000 miles and NO head gasket repair, solid brakes and no major problems.'88 Olds Cutlas. Piece of crap. Nothing but problems. Makes the Stratus look like a Mercedes.'94 Nissan Altima. Nice car,

Review 1998 Dodge Stratus Richard Zeller, From Rochester
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