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1998 Dodge Stratus Review, Doug, From Pasadena, MD, USA

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:I really want to love this car. It's a pleasure to drive, roomy, comfortable, attractive, all the reasons I bought it. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the typical MOPAR problems that I keep experiencing. This is my 4th MOPAR vehicle. Of the 4 MOPARS I have owned, 3 had blown head gaskets during their lifetime, and 2 had broken motor mounts. Add the other miscellaneous problems due to poor quality parts, and I'm just tired of it. If they would just use better
 What things have gone wrong with the car:After 61,000 miles needed the following service: Replace head gasket (Got Dodge to pay for parts) replace front and rear engine mounts. (Not sure why, I'm not out drag racing or anything...). Plastic door hinge retainer broke and drivers door will not stay open by itself anymore. Door has slammed me in the shins on more than one occasion while trying to exit car.Speed control sometimes cuts out intermittently (Have your mechanic read TSB 21-06-99 to address this problem...)Rear seat headroom barely adequate for anyone over 5'-10". Rear cup holder is poorly designed and no longer works because it came apart. Front cup holders too small. Can't put anything larger than a 12oz. soda can in there while floor shifter is in park.
 Previous car:Previous vehicles: 1985 Plymouth Turismo, 1990 Dodge Shadow, 1995 Dodge Neon (Piece of CRAP) Compared to other vehicles, this is a typical Dodge product: Blown head gasket, crappy plastic used where metal should be, poor quality, definitely NOT built to l

Review 1998 Dodge Stratus Doug, From Pasadena, MD, USA
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