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1998 Dodge Stratus Review, Brad, From New Cumberland, Wv

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Dodge Stratus ES

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus ES
 General comments:I got mine in feb 1998 completely loaded with all factory options (except moonroof) a demo from a local dealer with 2,000 miles on it...i paid $18,700 (beginning of model year).........and have almost 65,000 miles on it since.....without a single problem....other than replacing a light bulb in the climate control. the mitsubishi v6 is the way to go if you are going to buy a stratus...from my experience and what i've is much more reliable than the chrysler 4 cyl......the only drawbacks about the car are resale value (not really a drawback for me since i will drive until it dies) and it seems to go through brake pads quickly (2 sets aleady)...especially considering that most of the miles are highway....but pads are cheap when you do it yourself.....also i change the oil every 3,000 matter if the manuel says 7,500 or not.....(remember - oil is cheap compared to a new engine or car!!).....i have been really satisfied with the car and the color is striking (when clean)....and does not show dirt or rock chips like a darker color would.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:have had to change brake pads twice....resale value.....engine noise
 Previous car:doesnt stack up to the accord coupe i test drove...but for about $10,000 less....a great buy....

Review 1998 Dodge Stratus Brad, From New Cumberland, Wv
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