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1999 Dodge Stratus Review, Dennis Durel, From Denham Spri

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Dodge Stratus 2.4 L

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus 2.4 L
 General comments:This car has excellent precise handling on winding country roads, which makes it fun, easy and relaxing to drive especially on going to work each day which is a 52 mile round trip on rather bad roads. I didn't know how good this car was until I had to give it to my daughter while her car was being fixed, and during the last 2 months I have been driving my other daughter's 99 Toyota Camry, and a 99 Malibu and 2000 Mercury Marquis belonging to relatives. The Mercury and Malibu had power seats, and they were very difficult to find a comfortable position. The Camry has good seats, but I am tall and couldn't find a comfortable position for my right leg, since the gas pedal pushes down to easily to rest my foot on it. So I end up adjusting the speed with cruise control even in non-cruising situations. The Mercury and the Camry have only average steering precision, which makes them tiring to drive on country roads, because to much attention must be constantly given little steering corrections to keep the car on the road. The Malibu is a little better, but it is still not nearly as good as the Stratus. Both the Malibu and Mercury have rising protrusions under the front seat which makes it uncomfortable to rest my feet next to the seat when using cruise contro. The Camry has the best ride by far, with the Mercury next and the Malibu and Stratus next. The Camry was by far the quietest, with the Mercury, then Malibu and the Stratus last. The Camry (4 cylinder) averaged 34 miles per gallon, the Malibu with a V-6 averaged 32 miles per gallon, the Mercury 29 and the Stratus with automatic trans. got 28, even though it has a 4 cylinder.The Stratus has the best interior looks compared to a Chevy Malibu and 99 Camry. And it has a more comfortable driving position than the others. The Camry has the best air-conditioner by far, the others are about equal. The Camry (4 cyl.) was $21,000 new, while I paid $14,900 for the Stratus because it was a demo. model. The Camry would be the best for a city car because of its quietness, very smooth ride and powerful air-conditioner.The Stratus has the best lights by far at night both for low beam and high beam. The Camry's light were not good on low beam for country driving, high beam was OK. I have had little trouble so far with 37,000 miles. The brakes warped and needed turning, but the Camry's are also warped at 49,000 miles, but not as bad. A speed sensor went out once, which prevented the transmission from shifting to high gear, But it was fixed under warrante in 1 hour.Even though the Camry has a much smoother ride, and is much quieter and more economical I would much rather drive the Stratus because of the excellent steering precision, which makes it a pleasure to drive on the back roads and highways, more comfortable driving position, and excellent lights (for the 99 model anyway). The Malibu would be my next choice because of the next best steering precision, then the Camry then the Mercury.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Only average to below average gas milage, rather high road noise, average ride comfort on bumpy roads.
 Previous car:Chevy Malibu has better fuel economy than the Stratus, but handling only fair, driving comfort worse, also has creaks and rattles, Stratus has none.Toyota Camry has best ride, quietness, excellent fuel economy, but average to poor highway handling (steeri

Review 1999 Dodge Stratus Dennis Durel, From Denham Spri
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