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1999 Dodge Stratus Review, Danielle

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Dodge Stratus

 Model of the car:Dodge Stratus
 General comments:Overall, I would say that I am very pleased with my car. I have only had it for about four months. The car had around 47K miles on it when I bought it, now it has about 52K. I had definitely put a little wear and tear on the car. I have noticed a couple of minor things that have me concerned though. I came on the internet hoping to find out if anyone else has experienced similar problems and if they could tell me what they are. I don't quite trust mechanics.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:I have noticed that the brakes feel a little squishy. It's almost as if I can feel air pushing out of them. There is also this clunking noise when going over rough patches of road. I think it may be the struts, but I sure hope not.
 Previous car:Toyota Camry

Review 1999 Dodge Stratus Danielle
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