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1999 Dodge Stratus Review, Ron Blanco, From Concord, NH,

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Plymouth Breeze

 Model of the car:Plymouth Breeze
 General comments:Best car I ever had. Always there whenever I need her. I havent't replaced anything on the car, I replace the brakes every 1.5 years. People who say it's a bad car don't know what they saying. They need to learn how to be a good driver and care taker of a car. Brakes don't need to be change every 6 months, only if you buy a very cheap one and you use your break too much because you don't know how to drive. It drives great winter, of course it depends totally on the driver himself. I have no problem whatsoever on my car. It's definitely a great car to own.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:not much room on engine compartment to work with.

Review 1999 Dodge Stratus Ron Blanco, From Concord, NH,
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