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2000 Dodge Stratus Review, Peter Thompson, From Baltimore

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Stratus ES

 Model of the car:Stratus ES
 General comments:This is a very well built car. Solid, fast, and reliable. With leather interior, sunroof, basically every option available for this model, I felt right at home. I wanted a used BMW 3-series sedan, but the cost of it used was the same as the Stratus new and the cost for repairs is higher than the Stratus. One option I absolutely love is the AUTOSTICK. It allows me to shift into a manual style control of the transmission at any speed and I can do a 1st gear, 2nd gear, or even a 3rd gear start of the line. The auto stick is about a half second slow when I'm shifting gears, but the computer won't let you blow the engine. If you had not shifted by reaching redline, the computer kicks into the next gear. Great and when you are slowing down, no need to worry because the computer will return the gears back to first and you can start again. That’s the best feature; many of my friends love that feature. During normal driving with the AUTOSTICK, it acts like a normal manual with out the clutch and the engine sounds the part too. While driving, you grab the shifter and shift back from drive to AUTOSTICK and either taps the shifter to the left to lower the gear or right to go to the next higher gear. After playing with the auto stick feature, I can shift back into normal drive and I don't have to worry about shifting any more. That's the greatest thing I've seen in a car. Besides that, the ride is very good at any speed.The engine is a V-6 kicking 168 HP. Rides very smooth and has the power to pass on the highway when needed. The engine is loud when accelerating, but it's not loud to the point of annoyance. It' actually makes you think you possess a V-8 instead of a V-6
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Body Roll, Wind noise at high speeds
 Previous car:Dodge Neon, Nissan Stratus, BMW 3, Oldmobile Cutlass Ciera Special Edition

Review 2000 Dodge Stratus Peter Thompson, From Baltimore
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