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2000 Dodge Stratus Review, Tina, From Canandaigua, NY

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Stratus ES

 Model of the car:Stratus ES
 General comments:Where to start. Bought this car June 2000. Have replaced 3 power window regulators, and another part for the power windows (back window wouldn't work at all). Found a slash in the dashboard and dealer replaced it, but damaged our steering wheel in the process. They replaced the steering wheel. The seal around the driver's window was damaged, very worn or roughed up, replaced it and damaged they trim around the window. Replaced it. Windshield seal started peeling off. Replaced it. Now for the real "fun" stuff. TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS. Tranny occasionally slips upon accelerating and coming to a stop car lurches when downshifting. Also occasionally lurches when it starts 'hunting' for gears. Tranny has been 'retrained' with no sucess. Have had problems with cold starts, turning over slow. Also experiencing a 'grinding' noise when engine starts. Only happens when car has been sitting over night. The problem is worse when the temperature is colder. There is a knocking or clunking noise in the front end when taking off or coming to a stop. Car has been in the shop repeatedly for these problems. We've been told that they can't find what's wrong until it happens more consistently. Funny it happens when I drive this car daily, but never when it's in their hands? Also occasionally the engine runs very rough, idles hard can feel and see VERY noticable vibration in steering wheel, has 'dieseled' when shutting off. Now we are having problems with the power steering. When going around sharp turns the the power steering starts whining very loudly and continues down the road for awhile before going away, until turning again. Car has 10,000 miles on it. Amazingly, we haven't broke down yet - car keeps running so it has that going for it anyway. For now. Wonder what's next. I wouldn't recommend the Stratus
 What things have gone wrong with the car:See my review for the actual weeknesses. This car is a headache. Other than what's below the cupholders could be better, they really don't hold well.
 Previous car:None

Review 2000 Dodge Stratus Tina, From Canandaigua, NY
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