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2000 Dodge Stratus Review, Kenneth, From Austell,GA

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Stratus SE

 Model of the car:Stratus SE
 General comments:Since I've had this car I have driven it to Jacksonville, FL and around home area. Handleded great at 80+ mph with 14 inch tires in heavy rain going to FL. 400+ miles on tank of gas. So far I am very pleased with this car. Auto trans shifts smoothly. Cruise control worked great too. I can't figure out why the trunk light was omited. Unless it's burned out. But I could not find where the bulb would go anywhere in the trunk. The owners manual tells you what replacement bulb to use, but it does not show you where or how to replace it like the rest of the bulbs. Besides That, a great midsize car - so far. Will update if opinion and
 What things have gone wrong with the car:No trunk light ?Battery placement.
 Previous car:Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla

Review 2000 Dodge Stratus Kenneth, From Austell,GA
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