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2001 Dodge Stratus Review, Stephanie

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 Model of the car:Stratus/SE
 General comments:It is the biggest headache I have ever owned in my entire life. For my first car I was screwed over big time. 2 weeks after I bought it, I had to go get new brakes, and get the belts changed. 2 weeks after that, it's started hesitating real bad on start-up, so I took it back and they told me they haven't made silent cars yet and that I was imagining things. I took it to another place where they changed the air filter, and told me the tires were bad and that my power steering belt was almost broke. Got that fixed. Now it's still hesitating, which is a problem in the fuel line, to change the fuel filters the easiest one to get to is through underneath the back-seat, the other one is basically impossible to get it, and if it's not that it's my fuel injectors plus I need a new muffler. I love this car and I HATE this car. If I could do it all over again I would have NEVER bought it. I've put $700 dollars of work into the car and have owned it for approx 8 months, the parts are expensive, it's constantly in and out of the shop, and it's set-up so you can barely do any work on it yourself. I paid way too much for this car for how much headache it's given me.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Brakes, fuel system, belts

Review 2001 Dodge Stratus Stephanie
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