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2002 Dodge Stratus Review, Alk1979md

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Stratus R/T 3.0 V6

 Model of the car:Stratus R/T 3.0 V6
 General comments:Our previous car was a neon and i loved that but the stratus is amazing. You never realize how much you missed leg room until you get a car with alot of it.I got the leather package and its spectaular the ride is smooth, the engine is silent when its on and the infinity speakers and amp that come stock are the best. I've added 2 12inch subs and amps and recomend that to everyone. if you thought it sounded good now wait until you add the subs. All around I miss my neon but I love the Stratus even more. The dash is nice looking also.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:THE CUP HOLDER IN THE FRONT

Review 2002 Dodge Stratus Alk1979md
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